"e-star Companies"

*"e-star Company" is a small- or medium-scale promising Japanese company that has superlevel technologies and/or products, and epicJAPAN confidently introduces to the world.


Kono Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

One of the most remarkable medical products that Kono Seisakusho manufactures is the world smallest suture needle with the size as small as 30µ diameter. The progressing R&D of the company has been and will save a large number of patients in various medical areas. 


Sanyo Sangyo Co., Ltd.

The first coffee tool company to have introduced a cone-shape paper filter in the world. Sanyo Sangyo's paper filter has crepe texture on the both sides, so called "two-side crepe".    


Structural Quality Assurance,Inc.(SQA)

SQA has a unique worldwide patent for taping the structure of a building, that saves it from collapsing by earthquakes. This simple, low price, and only one technology would save the people of all over the world.


YU Creation Co., Ltd.

 YU Creation Co., Ltd. has been established in December 2015.

      Our company’s main objective is to blow a new wind of Arita Porcelain to the world. “Arita” (or Arita-yaki) is one of the most famous porcelain arts in Japan, with the history of 400 years. 

     We work in corporation with the artists, Obata Yuji and Tsuji Toshihiko. While they have already been popular in Japan with their traditional masterpieces, they are now creating a new Arita-yaki world, that is not only for Japanese taste but for the world.

    It is our great pleasure to introduce our two great artists and their new masterpieces to all of the art lovers around the world.

Rainbowtown FM Radio Station 88.5Mhz


A Community FM Radio Station based on Koto-ku in Tokyo, covering the Tokyo Metropolitan area, and also available via ListenRadio app and Youtube Live.